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What if you could...

Free yourself from years of excessive stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, insomnia, saddness or anger, and start living a life full of joy and abundance?

...a life that leaves you feeling deeply loved, respected and appreciated so that you can foster healthy relationships with yourself, friends and family, your career, and your finances.

Because the key to unlocking everything you aspire your life to be starts with you!

If you want to learn how you can stop feeling burned out, stressed out, overworked and under appreciated, and create a life governed by love, respect and acceptance, then...

You're In The Right Place!

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Hi, I'm Katherine!

Tell me how a stereotyped teenage mom living in her car, earned a Master's degree and bulit a career making over six figures by the age of 40 and I'll tell you about BURNOUT!

It wasn't until I landed myself on a therapist couch for chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression that I realized I had a serious issue. 

And therapy was ok, except it only addressed the surface issues. It only treated the symptoms.


I searched high and low for someone, anyone who could not only get to the root of my issues, but also solve the problem.

I'd almost given up hope but then ... I finally found the answer that completely transformed my life!

The Right Place
You Want...


You give and give and give. And you're done! You're tired of feeling resentment, anger and frustration toward your job, your co-workers, your spouse or significant other, your kids. You're ready to be respected, appreciated, and recognized for all you contribute to the world. 


You feel squeezed in the middle. Nothing you do is right. You're boss is judging you, your kids are judging you and you really just want to run away from it all. You're ready to feel appreciated, loved and accepted for who you are and what you bring to this world despite your shortcomings. 


Everyone has an opinion but no one cares about yours. You feel like you can't get it right and you're constantly being judged. You want to feel valued, heard and like you matter to your employer, spouse or significant other and your children. And not just when its dinner time, but all the time. 

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Break Free

From the stress, anxiety, demands and expectations you've felt for years. 

“Katherine, you absolutely allow me to see me, Ashley.  Not what the world might see me as. You allowed me to see me and I was able to truly peel back layers of heartache and heartbreak. And that is such a gift that no one can ever take away from me. But you gave me that gift to just truly see me and to truly be able to fall in love with myself. No judgment, no nothing, it was just, this is where you are."

- Ashely

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