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I'm Katherine

Thanks For Stopping By!

There is only one thing standing between you and the life you want.

In 2019 I went through the most phenomenal life transformation I'd ever been through. I also went through Brooke Castillo's, The Life Coach School.

At that time I credited learning that my thoughts create my feelings, actions and results, to my extraordinary results. 


After all, I thought ... It worked!

However, in 2020, like many people my life took a nose dive right off a really, really steep cliff and I landed in the darkest, dingiest, loneliest place I'd ever been.

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This Was Me!

At the top of 2019 I was miserable.
All I wanted to do was escape my life!

I was scared, alone, and broke. I was recently divorced, moved from our 3700 sq. ft. family home into a 1100 sq. ft. condo, and to top it off, I thought it was a great idea to quit my job as an HR Consultant. 

I guess I believed that I'd be able to re-create my extraordinary transformation again by focusing on my thoughts. After all, I'd just been at the top of my game. I had the tools. I am the coach. I'll just coach myself right back to where I want to be, right?

Well, not quite!

I quickly found out it wasn't exactly that easy and I struggled to replicate my results.

So what was different? Why couldn't I do it again?

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My Answer!

I Fell In Love!?

Why does knowing this matter? Have you ever fallen in love? Did you completely lose track of space and time?

Were you in a constant state of bliss daydreaming about your lover and all the things the two of you would experience together?


You forgot to eat, sleep, nothing seemed to bother you, right?


Until ... the "honey moon" phase was over, you were in a complete trance induced by the object of your desire. 


You see, we only use 5% of our conscious thoughts, 95% are subconscious.

This is really important to understand.

The reason you're not seeing a difference or creating any lasting change is because you're operating from the 5% conscious thought.

Those are things like setting goals, telling yourself you're going to eat salad for lunch, saying affirmations in the mirror before you leave for work.

The problem is, your subconscious is overpowering your conscious.

You will never get what you want as long as you continue to lead with the conscious mind. 

You must learn how to tap into the power of your subconscious mind to get what you want in life.

So how do you do that?

Sign Up For A Better Life!

I  now coach women who feel like they want  better a better life, relationships, health, and wealth but don't know where to start. 

Relationships & Love

Relationships are the glue that combines individuals with society and provides shared fulfillment in life. I teach you how to utilize proven tools to make lasting improvements your relationship with yourself and others. Fall in love with you again, or for the first time ever! 

Abundance & Wealth

We all have dreams in life, but very few people create action plans to turn those dreams into reality. Using a proven process, I  work with you to define and create a concrete, actionable and doable plan to achieve them. In as little as 6 short weeks, you'll leave my office with a customized roadmap to your dream destination!

Health & Prosperity

Finding the one thing you love more than anything else and doing it every day is huge! I work with you to unlock insights into your own unique clarity of purpose which ultimately fuels your happiness and satisfaction in life. I'm in your corner all the way and I won't let go until you're ready to soar on your own!

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