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Hey There!

I'm Katherine

I'm the Life Coach I wish I had in my 30s. Here's why...

As women, we go through many up's and down's in the first 30 years of life. Starting out, we are completely dependent on our mothers.

We learn how to walk and talk, and quickly evolve into a ball of raging hormones in our teens as we try to channel our primal impulses to fit within the rules of society.


We make it to our twenties and finally feel independent. We find our first real job, a partner and start a family.

Once our 30s roll around, we're in the prime of life!

We've figured out how the world works, we know what we want, we're rising our children, and planning our future.

To put it like seems like bliss.

If only it were that easy!

This Was Me!

At the top of 2019 I was miserable.
All I wanted to do was escape my life!

I'd done all the things, got the degree, got married, had children, had an amazing career, but still something was missing!

I just felt stuck!


What I realized is that I'd been working so hard to make someone else proud of me over the past 30 years, I lost myself in the process.


I needed help!

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My Answer!

Life Coaching Found Me!

Advantages of working with a Life Coach:

  • Growth in self-compassion and self-love.

  • Provide space to build on positive emotions and flourish.

  • Positive behavior changes: I lost over 50lbs and kept it off!!

  • Personal relationships improve

  • Heightened self-awareness.

  • A happier, more peaceful and harmonious life. 


Sign Up to Get Coached!

I now coach women in their 30s who feel like they've been working so hard to make their mother proud, now recognize that never worked and are ready to reclaim the life and love for themselves that they so desperately desire and deserve.

Foster Better Relationships

Relationships are the glue that combines individuals with society and provides shared fulfillment in life. I teach you how to utilize proven tools to make lasting improvements your relationship with yourself and others. Fall in love with you again, or for the first time ever! 

Achieve Your Goals

We all have dreams in life, but very few people create action plans to turn those dreams into reality. Using a proven process, I  work with you to define and create a concrete, actionable and doable plan to achieve them. In as little as 6 short weeks, you'll leave my office with a customized roadmap to your dream destination!

Open Your Love Box

Finding the one thing you love more than anything else and doing it every day is huge! I work with you to unlock insights into your own unique clarity of purpose which ultimately fuels your happiness and satisfaction in life. I'm in your corner all the way and I won't let go until you're ready to soar on your own!

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