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Feeling Low? Immediate Confidence Boost Inside!

If you're anything like me at some point in your life you've struggled with a lack of confidence, feeling unworthy, or feeling inadequate.

It happens to the best of us. No matter how confident you are, life events can knock you off your game.

Maybe you've experienced challenges lately like losing your job, not having enough money to pay your bills, dealing with a personal loss or ending a close relationship.

If so, chances are your confidence took a nose dive. You may be feeling bouts of anxiety, panic, worry, or struggling to simply concentrate on what you need to do next.

Well if this is you, there is hope!

Today I'm sharing with you the three things you can do to immediately boost your confidence and get back on top of your game.

Wear Red

It's true!

Wearing the color red can give you a confidence boost and help you feel deeply relaxed. It can help you cultivate a sense of stability, calm, security and tranquility.

Red is a primary color and it represents passion, warmth, and sexuality. It is associated with emotions like love, desire and enthusiasm.

Studies have shown that we get more energy to take action from red's warm and vibrant hue.

Therefore, when you wear red, your more apt to feel powerful, confident and ready to tackle new challenges.

The color red also represents the Root Chakra. Characteristics of a healthy Root Chakra are having a sense of security and safety, positive presence, self-confidence and courage, individuality and the ability to stand up for one's self.

Meditate with Red Jasper

We all know the benefits of meditation as a way to get clarity and a sense of calm during challenging, stressful times.

Red Jasper is a beautifully rich, deep and vibrant red colored stone with flakes of gray hematite iron.

Red Jasper adds extra boosting power and balance to your mediation session by increasing emotional focus and removing negative energy, worry, emotional stress, anxiety and confusion.

Some other benefits of meditating with Red Jasper are increased self-confidence, self-trust, courage, balance, sense of calm and relaxation.

You can also use Red Jasper to remember dreams and increase sexual vibrancy.

Wear a Red Jasper necklace or bracelet for an extra boost throughout the day.

Repeat Affirmations Daily

Targeted affirmations are a great way to motivate you to act by focusing on your goals and changing your negative thought patterns into positive ones.

Repeating affirmations on a daily basis can help you feel better about yourself and boost your self-confidence by tapping into your subconscious mind to access new beliefs.

The more often you say your affirmations, the faster you will see evidence in your life to affirm those affirmations.

Here are some great affirmations to crush negative thought patterns and boost positive ones.

  • I feel safe and secure where I am.

  • I am relaxed, grounded, and stable at this time.

  • I will always meet all my safety needs.

  • My life is full of abundance. I am healthy and have a sound mind.

  • The universe is my protector as I am anchored to the earth.

  • I am safe and happy in my home.

  • The universe will always take care of me.

  • I have all the support I need, whenever I need it.

The biggest objection I often hear regarding saying affirmations is people don't believe what they are saying or what they are saying is not true.

You don't have to believe the affirmation is true in order to say it. That's the whole point of believing new things before there is evidence to support the belief.

When you believe new things before you have evidence to support them, a magical thing happens. You begin to see evidence of those things in your life.

Just like magic!

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