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Manifest Results Faster. It Breaks Down Like This.

"I know exactly what it is, Ashley said. Ever since I lost the twins, I've felt like anyone can just leave me in the blink of an eye. And, yes in reality that's possible.
"That is life and I know that. I've felt like death has always been so close to me after going through that. I often worry that something could happen to my kids and my husband. "It's the fear of death or a sickness I'm afraid of for my family or myself. What's crazy is that we don't usually get so sick so often. This year alone has been ridiculous.
"But now that you ask me that, maybe I've been carrying this around in my subconscious mind and it's attracting these thing to me and us.
"Have I been doing this to myself and us because of what I've been holding on in fear of losing one of them? I can't believe I'm even saying this out loud. That would make so much sense Katherine!"

When Ashley came to me she was beside herself. Her family was going through a really tough time laced with illness, emergency room visits, missed work, and uncertainty about the future.

Ashley was convinced all this was happening to her and her family. What Ashley didn't see was how she may have been manifesting all these things in her life simply by how she was thinking.

Right about now you may be wondering how that is even possible. How do your thoughts create your reality?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, it's at the core of what I teach.

Are you ready? Your thoughts create your feelings! Your feelings fuel your actions! Your actions create your results!

So, wait a minute Katherine. You're telling me my thoughts create my feelings but how does that explain the fact that I can't catch a break, that all this bad stuff keeps happening in my life?

Are you saying I've been thinking bad thoughts?

I want you to pause right now and ask yourself, "What am I thinking?" Do you even know? Do you pay attention to your thoughts?

On average we think around 60,000 thoughts a day and 95% of those thoughts are unconscious. The problem is, even an unconscious thought creates a very weak neural pathway.

If you repeat that thought or add signifiant emotion to it, it becomes more and more unconscious and effortless. As in the case with Ashley. She had been thinking about her family getting sick out of fear they would get sick and that's exactly what happened.

So what can you do? How do you stop thinking thoughts when most of them are unconscious?

It Breaks Down Like This:

  • First, become aware of what you are thinking.

  • Next, observe how what you're thinking may be creating your feelings, actions, and results

  • Then, realize and truly understand that what you're thinking is causing all the rest.

  • Now, decide to change it. What do you want your new result to be?

  • Finally, identify what you need to think, feel and do to create that result.

When you begin to understand this concept, you will see that its your current unconscious thoughts creating your current life.

Moreover, when you unlearn and replace your current thoughts with new thoughts you ultimately create the life you want.

Right now there may be a gap, maybe even a huge gap, between the life you are living and the life you want. Therefore, to create your new life you must create new neural pathways using your new thoughts with repetition and emotion.

When the emotion associated with the new thoughts are stronger than the emotion associated with the old one, change will happen!

So let me ask you, where are you struggling?

Are you tired of feeling lost, overwhelmed and stressed? Are you sick of feeling sad, alone, or like no one get's you?

Have you been searching for life's purpose but running into dead ends at every turn?

Are you ready to go from anxious, frustrated and beyond yourself, to calm, relaxed and a mind of clarity?

How can I help you finally be successful with your life goals?

I can't wait to hear from you! Katherine

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